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Electric Generator (Bicycle Dynamo)
Electric Generator (Bicycle Dynamo)
This is a small electric generator that may be attached to a bike or any turning tire to produce electricity. The amount of electricity depends on the speed of turning. It is rated as 6 Volt and 3 Watts.
Product Code: BGEN6V3W $19.00 & Up


Solar Panel (Solar Cell) 3.3 Watt, 6-Volt
Solar Panel (Solar Cell) 3.3 Watt, 6-Volt
Epoxy solar panel with 8-inch (20-cm) connection wires provides 6-Volts with 550 mA electrical current under normal sunlight. Dimensions are 6.5" x 5.25" (165 x 135 mm).
This product is excellent for demonstrating solar energy because it creates enough voltage and current to run DC motors and lit light bulbs and DC motors up to 6 volt.
Product Code: SOLARP3.3W $25.00 & Up


DC Motor and Generator
DC Motor and Generator
A strong motor that can also be used as a generator to create semi DC electricity. Strong magnets used in this motor provide an extra torque at the expense of some lower speed.

A pair of this may be used to demonstrate the conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy and vise versa.

Product Code: RE140SA $1.25 & Up


Thermoelectric Generator Kit
Thermoelectric Generator Kit
The Thermoelectric Generator is an experimental kit which demonstrates the direct conversion of heat into electrical energy using the Seebeck effect.

The key component is the Peltier module that will be sandwiched between the two metal cans. As long as there is a substantial temperature differential between the two sides of the Peltier element, sufficient electricity will be generated to power the electric motor to turn the propeller.

With easy-to-follow instructions, assembling this kit is a breeze.

Product Code: KITTEG $21.00 & Up


Motor Generator Kit
Motor Generator Kit
Using two motor generators, a simple switch, a lamp and a battery you will make two simple electric circuits and show how a motor converts electrical energy to mechanical energy and then a generator converts the mechanical energy back to electrical energy.

Perfect kit for science fairs, home activities, summer camps, and scouting groups. Materials in this kit may be used for many other educational projects as well.

Product Code: KITMG $15.00 & Up


Wood Parts for wooden generator
Wood Parts for wooden generator
One set of wood parts cut to size for wooden generator. Includes 4 flat pieces of about 1" x 3" (2cm x 8cm) for sides and 2 flat square pieces about 3.5" x 3.5" (8cm x 8cm) for the top and bottom. Also includes a 3.5" long wood dowel with 1/2" hole (for magnet).
Product Code: WGW $5.50 & Up


Bicycle Generator, 12V 6W
Bicycle Generator, 12V 6W
Bicycle generator with metal mount is a standard size electric generator mountable to the back wheel or front wheel of bicycles. It can also be used to generate electricity in high speed home-made water mills or windmills.
Product Code: BGEN12V6W $15.00 & Up


Thermoelectric Generator Module
Thermoelectric Generator Module
Thermoelectric generator module, for converting heat to electricity.
Open-circuit voltage 8V,
Maximum load voltage 4.8V,
Maximum load current 600MA,
Δ T 100 degree,
measurement 40 ~ 40 ~ 3.8

The actual product may not have any marking or have a different marking. The positive wire is red.

Product Code: TEG140 $8.00 & Up


Electric generator (6 Volts, 3 Watts AC Dynamo)
Electric generator (6 Volts, 3 Watts AC Dynamo)
This small generator (Dynamo)may be mounted on a bicycle to produce electricity. The turning tires will turn the head of the generator and it will produce electricity that is accessible from the bottom contact.

Electricity produced by this generator can be used to light up multiple light bulbs.

Product Code: BGEN1 $19.00 & Up


Wooden Generator Science Kit
Wooden Generator Science Kit
Constructing a wooden electric generator is one of the best ways to learn the principles of electric generators. Completed kit is about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. The wood dowel axle is about 4 inches long.
Product Code: KITWG $18.00 & Up


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