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Lab Supplies

Clamp, Round (Bosshead)
Clamp, Round (Bosshead)
Bosshead, round zinc die cast fitted with brass chrome-plated thumb screws, suitable for rod diameters from 9 mm to 16 mm.
Product Code: PJRND2013 $5.95 & Up


Micro Spatula, 6", with Flat and Bent ends
Micro Spatula, 6
Micro Spatula, Stainless Steel, 6" long with two ends. One flat and one bent. Effective for scraping, picking and transferring small quantities of materials.
Product Code: MSPAT6BF $1.85 & Up


Lab Coat
Lab Coat
Knee-length lab coat made of easy care white cotton blend fabric (65% polyester, 35% cotton). Features upper left breast pocket; two roomy lower pockets; side slit openings, and an adjustable belt. A good value combined with comfort and style.
Product Code: LABCOAT $25.00 & Up


Burette, Plastic
Burette, Plastic
This Burette has a transparent acrylic body and a leakproof stopcock fitted with a self lubricating PTEE plug. Each Burette is individually calibrated to give maximum accuracy. Acrylic body is unaffected by dilute minerals acids & bases except Hydrofloric Acid & Ammonium Hydroxide. The pH range of 1-14 is deal and can be used upto 5% wt/wt of acids or 30% bases.
Material :Polymethyl Methacrylate/ TPX
Product Code: BURETP $25.00 & Up


Micro Spatula, 6", Set of 4
Micro Spatula, 6", Set of 4
This set includes four widely used stainless steel spatulas for laboratory use. Each spatula has two ends. This set offers 6 different heads including wide spoon, micro spoon, micro flat, wide flat, micro pointed, and micro bent. Wide spoon and wide flat spatula also has a wide handle.
Order online for wholesale and retail quantities.
Product Code: SET4IN6 $7.50 & Up


Clear Plastic Tube (PVC tube)
Clear Plastic Tube (PVC tube)
Clear plastic tubing made of Polyvinyl Chloride is colorless, tasteless and non-toxic. It lasts 15 to 20 times that of rubber and it has excellent age resistance qualities. Highly resistant to oils, acids, alkalies. Can be safely used in the conveying and processing of food stuffs. PVCTUBE is not affected by bacteria and has very low water absorption. Can be steam-sterilized at 20 Lbs steam pressure for 15 minutes. PVCTUBE should not be exposed to aromatic-hydrocarbons, ketons or esters for more than 2 hours.
Product Code: PVCTUBE $6.00 & Up


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