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Molecular Model, Basic
Molecular Model, Basic
Molecular model basic/student set is a great tool in learning chemistry. Recommended for students who study organic chemistry.
Product Code: 7-1864 $49.00

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Molecular Models, Deluxe
Molecular Models, Deluxe
Instructor’s set or classroom pack of molecular models includes all you need to make and demonstrate the molecular structure of organic compounds. Recomended for chemistry teachers.
Product Code: 7-1863 $75.00

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Carbon Electrode, Flat
Carbon Electrode, Flat
Block of carbon used in assembling voltaic cells, electrolysis experiments, etc. Also known as graphite for electricity and electronic experiments.
Product Code: CARBON-F $1.75 & Up


Starch Test Science Kit
Starch Test Science Kit
The starch test science kit has everything you need to detect and identify starch in different fruits, vegetables and other objects around you.
Product Code: KITST $15.00 & Up


Battery Life Test Kit
Battery Life Test Kit
Battery Life Test Kit includes essential materials and online instructions to assemble a basic electric circuit to test general purpose alkaline (dry cell) batteries.
Kit includes four battery holders, four lamp holders, 10 light bulbs, mounting board and enough screws.
You can use it to compare the life of AA batteries and record your data and make a bar chart.
Product Code: KITBLT $20.00 & Up


Slime Science Kit (Polymer)
Slime Science Kit (Polymer)
Learn about the scientific world of slime, and discover your talents in Chemistry, polymers and material science. Get a feeling on how scientists connect small molecules of gases and liquids and make solid plastics and rubbers.

This kit includes materials to make 5 different slimes: Glooze, Wiggly Wonder, Power Putty, Flip-Flop slime, and more. You may hear about chemicals such as Borax, Guar Gum, starch and polyvinyl acetate. But you will never know their real properties unless you perform hands-on experiments such as those described in Slime Science kit. This set does not have a colorful box. Instructions are online.

Product Code: EDSLIME $15.00 & Up


Bacteria Growth Science Kit
Bacteria Growth Science Kit
Growing bacteria is the main experiment for many biology projects, which is why you need proper materials and supplies. This kit includes all the proper essentials to grow bacteria and perform several different science projects and experiments.
Product Code: KITBG01 $21.00 & Up


DNA Model Science Set
DNA Model Science Set
Construct your very own 3-feet tall DNA model with this kit. Included in this kit are materials for the construction of a DNA model, online instructions, and additional helpful information about DNA molecules.
Product Code: MSDNA1 $27.00

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